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iRIS8 (1-8)L-B Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Code - 31020064
Availability - 2
Brand - Teletek

IRIS8 is Expandable Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel, the most powerful and sophisticated intelligent addressable fire alarm panel in Teletek Electronics portfolio. Intelligent and technically advanced, it has enhanced integration and networking capabilities to meet the current and future needs of small to larger buildings and installations. The initial purpose of iRIS8 is to be used for fire alarm warning but due to its flexible design, it can be modified to carry out many other functions like control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings through MODBUS protocol. The available configuration varies from 1 to 8 detection loops. iRIS8 can network up to 64 panels, making it ideal for the largest sites including schools, hospitals, multi-site retail/supermarkets, critical infrastructure, and major commercial and industrial facilities. iRIS8 supports two protocols for communication in order to provide a vast range of devices and cope with the most demanding projects. Combined with the modular structure and the networking features there is no project which can’t be realized with iRIS8.

- Adapted to the Georgian language (a wide selection of menu languages)
- Ability to include controllers from 1 to 8 circuits
- Connecting up to 2000 devices in one system
- Ability to store up to 10,000 events
- 7" TFT (color) screen
- 200 LED indicators for alarm zones
- Fire panel signal receiver (Input)
- Detection of devices with the same address and exact location in the circuit
- Short circuit detection and exact location in the circuit
- detection of a break in the circuit
- ModBUS TCP/IP protocol
- Changing the company logo on the main screen
- Cloud server - mobile app access for remote control
- Built-in LAN network card

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Description / Specification


 Loops 1 to 8 loop
Devices per system 2000
Events log 10000
Screen 7” LCD (color)
Zones 200
Increased Sounder outputs 1A + 1A in IRIS8 Ext.
AUX  Upgraded with reset function
Built-in Redundant processor
Short circuit detection and localization Yes
Loop break detection Yes
Redundant processor Yes
Changeable logo picture Yes
Main Power Supply 110÷230VAC,2x 200W
Frequency 50÷60 Hz
Back-up Power Supply 12V/ 18Ah
Storage Temperature -10˚C to +60˚C
Operating temperature -5°C to +40°C    IP 30
Relative Humidity (without condense) up to 95%
Dimensions 660/430/120mm
Weight 15kg (without battery)